Adventures in Reading

Welcome to Storytime Kids!  Open one of our books and begin a true adventure in reading. We offer books for children that excite, delight, and make reading fun for everyone. Children young and old will enjoy reading our books over and over again. Storytime Kids books are filled with wonderful stories and poems that capture the imagination, expand the mind, and make children laugh out loud.

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Counting On Friends

This beautifully illustrated book uses counting and rhyme to tell a story about friends. Frog, a small creature with a big heart, learns the true meaning of friendship when he spends a few happy hours with his pals. Frog sits by himself on a log in the pond, lonely for some company. One by one, his friends join him for an afternoon of fun. Then, one by one, they leave as the day draws to an end. Although Frog is alone again, he is happy because he knows that good friends are always nearby. 

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Don't Drink from the Water Fountain

Welcome to the wonderful, wacky world of middle school. Don't Drink from the Water Fountain is Diane Belinfanti's funniest book yet! Readers are swept into the crazy world of homework-devouring dogs, contaminated cafeteria food, copycat clothes, bullies, best friends, high grades, low grades, and so much more. This book of humorous poems, beautifully illustrated with fun and fanciful black-and-white sketches, is all about the trials and tribulations of middle school students. Kids can really relate to these stories.

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Adrian's Odyssey

Adrian's family is moving, and he's not happy. He's leaving everything and everyone he knows for a place he's never seen. For Adrian, life's perfect just the way it is. Now he has to say goodbye to the only home he's ever had and face life somewhere strange, new, and far away. Could things get any worse? Everybody else seems excited about the move, but to Adrian it can only mean one thing: DISASTER! Based on a true story, Adrian's Odyssey  follows one nine-year-old boy as he journeys from the birthplace he loves to an unfamiliar land, where he learns to embrace the changes in his life and realizes that home really is wherever the heart lies.

A House for

Miss Mouse

Mice love cheese, and Miss Mouse is no exception. In fact, she loves cheese so much that she uses it to build herself a brand new house.  One morning Miss Mouse  wakes up covered with spots from head to toe. To make matters worse, she has swollen to an enormous size!  What could be causing this strange condition? Is there something wrong with the cheese or with her? To find out more, order your copy of this funny, fanciful tale.

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Walk with Me

This book takes young readers on an early morning walk through the garden gate and into a wonderful world bursting with brilliant colors and vibrant activity. There's so much to see and hear on this bright and sunny day! Birds sing, flowers bloom, bunnies frolic and bees buzz in this beautifully illustrated picture book about birth and rebirth. Join us on a magical stroll as we celebrate the sights and sounds of spring.

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Diane Belinfanti grew up in New York and holds a Master's degree in Educational Curriculum and Instruction from Central Michigan University. She taught reading and writing to children of all ages for forty years. Diane has been writing stories and poems since childhood and finds it a wonderful outlet for her creative energy. To date, she has had her poems published in several anthologies. 

Diane draws upon her many years of experience working with children as inspiration for her story ideas. Her first book, A House for Miss Mouse, was published by Xlibris Company. With the completion of her second picture book, Counting on Friends, she launched  Storytime Kids. 

Don't Drink from the Water Fountain, a collection of humorous poems for adolescents, is Diane's first venture as a writer into the world of middle school. Adrian's Odyssey, her first middle grade novel, chronicles the adventures of a young immigrant in America. She recently published Walk with Me, a picture book that celebrates the rebirth and beauty of spring.

In producing her books, Diane works closely with illustrators and graphic artists. The result is beautiful artwork that enhances each story and poem. Diane is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). Recently retired from the teaching profession, she lives in Montclair, New Jersey with her husband Dave. Diane continues to write and is currently working on her second middle grade novel and a nonfiction project. She is also in the process of compiling an anthology of her adult poems.

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